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We have openings for professional sales people to place products into all six movies starting with gangster ways immediately​

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The Incredible Little Man

A true adventure of a
Canadian boy growing up in rural Alberta.

Gangster Ways

The Real “Breaking Bad”
  No Bullshit, No Friends!

The Legendary Cowboy Conman

Fans of The Sting, Color of Money, and The Hustler will be addicted to this billiards crime novel!

Upcoming Titles

Drug War Enforcer & Contract Killer The Murray Boyd Story

In this epic crime novel we follow Murray Boyd, a young man who grew up on a farm in Alberta’s’ heartland.

The Ruthless Three, Murder Incorporate The Three Palmer Brothers

This is a true story blockbuster movie about the biggest heroin dealers in Vancouver, Canada and world wide.
Anyone that never paid, there was zero tolerance, and they were exterminated.
This movie is still in development. but the expectation is estimated between $500.000.000 million up to $ billion.